All about Men!

All about Men!

So I had coffee with a great friend of mine and he always asks me what are men wearing today? Well, I do almost all of the shopping and dressing in our house. My husband goes along with it, and always loves when he gets compliments on what he is wearing! That’s how I keep my credibility with him! So here are a few things for the MEN! If you are looking for a great gift or even if you are looking for a really nice men’s skin set, check out Jack Black. If you click on the picture, you will find out where to get it. This Jack Black set is great for travel and everyday use. Give it try! My husband is addicted to the products. I also love Burberry for men. This Burberry sweater is on sale now in a few colors and it’s a great transition piece from spring to summer. I really like the Burberry print detail down to the zipper. It’s also a great yearlong quality piece. Click on the picture and get it soon, they tend to sell out fast when on sale. To top it off, check out the sleek Gucci 63mm Aviators. They are great for the summer days on the beach or boat! Very fashionable! Lastly, Valentino just came out with an amazing spicy smelling Italian bergamot fragrance. The bottle is amazing and so is the smell. I just purchased a bottle today for the husband! Click on pic to get yours to! More men things soon!

One comment on “All about Men!

  1. Tom says:

    All About Men. This is a wonderful idea! Most men dress as if they don’t own a mirror. Looking forward to more of your postings. You may also want to add a section called, “Wardrobe Mistakes”

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