Babies Galore!

It’s been a big baby year! I have been to so many wonderful baby showers over this past year. We just went to a Jack and Jill shower this weekend for a good friend of mine. Its always a great time with these two and we are looking forward to meeting their little one soon. I loved the baby desserts they had this weekend, so cute. These baby Nutter Butters are a great idea! Not only did they look cute but they were delish! I posted the recipe below, just in case you want to make your own! So cute!

We also, made it to the BAA 10k early Sunday morning. And boy oh boy were we not prepared for the heat! It was a hot one. All of us were happy to finish. It’s always nice to have a goal to do a few running events over the year. It’s fun to get together and it also keeps you motivated to keep training. At the end of the race we celebrate by heading to a great restaurant in Boston. I had to take everyone to my favorite spot Cinquecento in the South End. Not only is the dinner amazing, but the Brunch is also one of the best on  Sunday’s. Then we headed over to SOWA to do a little shopping. It was quite the weekend of fun!

mike and jess

jess nutter butter

nutter Butter babies

jess baby shower

race BAA 10k




Nutter Butter Babies (Baby Shower)


Total Time:
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
40 mins
40 mins
0 mins

4 ounces pink candy melts (I used white candy melts with pink food coloring)

4 ounces blue candy melts
16 round white chocolate candy melts, unmelted (faces)
black decorating gel (and a fine-tipped paint brush)
16 Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
wax paper

In a small dish, microwave (50% power) the pink candy melts. Don’t over cook. If you do, add a small bit of vegetable shortening.
Pink Babies: Dip 8 Nutter Butter cookies into the pink candy, the place on wax paper to set up. Before the candy shell hardens, press a round white candy melt into the upper section of the cookie, creating the baby’s face. Allow to harden.
Blue Babies: Repeat the above directions. Allow to harden.
When the candy coating has hardened, squirt a little bit of black decorating gel onto the wax paper. Using a fine-tipped paint brush, draw the baby’s eyes, nose, and mouth on the white candy melt. You can also create those features by piping icing, but I find it easier to draw them.
Allow to harden, then serve.


4 comments on “Babies Galore!

  1. Kathleen says:

    How far in advance do you think these could be made?

  2. Diane says:

    I love this idea! I see you have placed them in individual bags. What does the tag have on it?

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