Cynthia Driscoll gone ACK

I wanted to share this wonderful piece by a great Boston Designer, Cynthia Driscoll, who has done some incredible work over the years. She has just completed her big project on Nantucket. If you are in Boston stop by here store on Charles Street to say hello! Here is a piece written by Cynthia. Enjoy!


We love Nantucket! Every part of the island is great, but we especially like being near the town center where we can walk to restaurants, shops and beaches. There’s nothing like waking before everyone else and wandering to the nearest bakery for a cup of coffee and a freshly baked pastry. Sometimes I even return with a bag of goodies for the late sleepers.
After years of being renters, this winter we had the opportunity to purchase our own house. The place was a mess after seven years of being a “rental mill.” If you’re not sure of the term, it’s a house that’s rented out to anybody, any time, with few or no restrictions. We’ve had four months to restore the house and it’s looking pretty good. Exterior and interior paint, refinished floors, all new furniture and lighting are some of the improvements. One of our terms in the purchase agreement was to have every piece of furniture, every dish, every towel removed from the house. It was quite a nasty place.
As a designer, I wanted the house to look chic, but comfortable and livable. I decided to use some modern elements with clean lines, but also a bit of whimsy.
Here are some pics of our house:
The farmers porch is fabulous! I don’t know why and I almost don’t dare say it out loud, but we haven’t had any mosquitoes in the evening. There are eight Adirondacks, four rockers and four classics on the porch. And yes, tables beside each for our evening beverages.

nantucket rocking

Coming into the entry is a rustic white washed table that holds a giant clam shell as well as green and turquoise sea glass bottles. Yes, there are two bottles on the lucite brackets secretly held in place with mounting tape.

nantucket walk in

The next pic is of the living room. With tongue in cheek, I placed a coffee table between a sofa and two chairs. The table top is called cheese stone (Swiss, I assume) and has huge natural holes throughout. You need to be careful where you put your glass. It’s part of our sobriety test. The stone weighs about 400 pounds and is on a stainless steel base. The color theme is blue and turquoise and has other surprises on the wall that you’ll see in the next pic.
Silver leafed fish are swimming the walls of the living room. The big ones are chasing the small ones and the small ones are getting away… far. There are nine of these large specimens swimming around the room.

nantucket fish room


The dining room seats 10. The top is a huge, thick slab of wood. It’s irregular edges are a great contrast to the stainless steel base. The white chairs are copies of a mid-century Panton chair. They are funky looking, very comfortable and extremely durable. The lighting fixture is modern with lots of strands of crystals hanging from a stainless steel rod. I like to dim it and put lots of candles on the length of the table.

nantucket dining

As you can see, I’ve had lots of fun with this project. It’s a great house with five bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms. Everyone gets their own personal space. Some of the bedrooms have their own tv’s if one seeks alone time. There’s a family room tv and in the finished basement a 65″ television to be enjoyed from motorized recliners. OMG, this place sounds fabulous! And it is.
More pics later so stay tuned.


If you would like to rent a few weeks at this fabulous house reach out to:

One comment on “Cynthia Driscoll gone ACK

  1. Kait Barry says:

    Cynthia’s style is all her own, and she never ceases to amaze me! I love this modern, chic design that gives a nod to the sea with nautical elements. Just beautiful!

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