Born to Run

If you are looking for a great summer read pick up Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. This book is not only an inspirational read, you may even get motivated to get up and RUN! McDougall talks about the Tarahumara Indians and how they are able to run hundreds of miles without injury. McDougall who also is an elite runner is searching for the Tarahumara Indians running secrets.

Could Chia seeds be one of the secrets?

Chia is one of the nutritional packed foods that the Aztecs and Tarahumara Indians ate regurarly to keep them strong and injury free. Chia has become increasingly popular in America for its fiber, nutrients and protein.

I came across these really delicious Health Warrior Chia Bars. They come in a variety of flavors. Apple Cinnamon is my favorite. They are a great pre and post workout snack. I even grab a bunch for the beach if I get hungry! You can get them online at and shipped next day! Give them a try!


Chia Healh Warrior

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