A great Spring Cocktail!

I must admit, I really am not a big drinker. But, I am always fascinated by the new flavors of vodka that seem to be coming out all the time. So, I was curious about Smirnoff’s Marshmallow Vodka, what could I do with this? Emily, a friend of mine and a drink connoisseur always has fabulous and healthy cocktail ideas. I borrowed a few of her ideas and came out with a fresh strawberry cake martini! You must try it out.

1oz of Marshmallow Vodka

A handful of Wyman’s of Maine frozen strawberry’s ( you can put these in whole or muddle them once thawed)

A splash of soda water

Shake and there you go! You have a Strawberry Cake Martini just in time for spring

You can add a fresh strawberry on the side to top it off or a Pink Bunny Peep for Easter to top it off!




marshmello vodka

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