Fox 25 News Debut with Bob Ward


Fox 25 News Debut with Bob Ward

Happy Monday! My goodness what a morning it is here in Boston. The 40 degree weather has disappeared and here comes the snow again! Where is spring? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a packed weekend filled with food, drinks and fun. I will definitely post some of my favorite spots around Boston shortly. But, this morning was Nick’s debut on Fox 25 News. Nick as you probably already know is running in this years Boston Marathon for Team MR8 in memory of Martin Richard. He did a great job getting interviewed by Bob Ward, how exciting. Nick and I will also be preparing for our big fundraiser tonight at the Paramount in South Boston at 6pm. Come on by if you are in town! It’s for a great cause! Also, Nick would love any tips on running the marathon-he is a first timer ! Send all tips!

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