What a night!

Thanks again to everyone who came out last night to support Nick and Team MR8! We are very grateful! It’s hard to raise money, but we did a great job and had a lot of fun. Thank you to all those who donated items to the raffle and the silent auction as well. We even had a very yummy cake from Guilty Bakery donated to enjoy as well.

I am absolutely exhausted from the weekend and getting the fundraiser together. I need a day to lounge around and I think I am making that day today! Here are some pics of all the weekend fun I didn’t get a chance to post. Our weekend started at Sam’s on the waterfront. If you haven’t been, its  a great spot in the summer to watch the boats and sit outside while enjoying a mojito or two. They have a great cocktail list, a vast list of different types of beers and great food. This is my go to spot all year round. After Sam’s we headed over to Strega on the waterfront to enjoy a yummy Italian meal. Thank goodness for Emily-she got there and saved us a table! That place is hopping at all times. Make sure you get a reservation! I posted some pics from our meal (stuffed pork chop and   Cod over gnocchi…yummy! Don’t worry my night didn’t stop there. We have wild little friend who wanted to keep the night going…I think I am becoming a Nana, I pushed myself to continue on our journey for the evening to another hot spot Row 34. Now, if you want to get some delicious fish and  craft brews this is a great place to try. What is your favorite dinner or drinks spot in Boston. I would love to try it out! Enjoy the day! It’s beautiful outside!





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