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It’s almost here, Memorial Day weekend! The weather better be good this year! Here are some of my pics for some outfits for the whole family for Memorial Day weekend.  ( click on pics to get yours) I just wore the white crochet shirt last night to a new place on the waterfront in Boston, Gather. I really love this shirt.  It goes with anything from jeans, shorts to a skirt, its a nice versatile piece. I also am waiting to become an auntie anyday now! I am loving all the baby clothes!  Enjoy the day!

The Nina, the Pinta and now found the Santa Maria!

Underwater Explorers: We Found the Santa María, Christopher Columbus’s Ship (Congrats to my Uncle, Barry Clifford)

By Bruce Wright:




A group of underwater explorers say they believe they have located the missing remains of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, the Santa María, more than five centuries after it wrecked in the Caribbean Sea.

The Independent reported that the team of explorers said they found the wreck’s remains on the sea’s floor off the north coast of Haiti.

“All the geographical, underwater topography and archaeological evidence strongly suggests that this wreck is Columbus’ famous flagship, the Santa Maria,” said the leader of a recent reconnaissance expedition to the site, one of America’s top underwater archaeological investigators, Barry Clifford.
“The Haitian government has been extremely helpful — and we now need to continue working with them to carry out a detailed archaeological excavation of the wreck,” he said.

Clifford said the shipwreck’s remains were found in the same area where Columbus claimed the Santa María ran aground in December of 1492, four months after it departed from a Spanish port in search for a new route to the East, according to CNN.

Clifford was led to the site by using information from Christopher Columbus’ diary, according to The Independent. He went back over some photos taken of the site in 2003 before he and his team returned to the location this month to verify the discovery.

“I am confident that a full excavation of the wreck will yield the first ever detailed marine archaeological evidence of Columbus’ discovery of America.”
This is not Clifford’s first major underwater discovery, according to The Washington Post, which reported that Clifford was responsible for finding what may be the only verified pirate shipwreck in 1984.


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!

The innovative brains at The Food Network have done it again, turning something ordinary into extraordinary with a melon, a cocktail recipe and our very own faucet and shank kit.

Watermelon Keg – The Food Network Magazine

Here’s the recipe our friends at The Food Network suggest for the perfect cocktail keg, adapted from The Bubbly Bar, a new cocktail book by Clarkson Potter.


watermelon keg



Watermelon Sours in a Melon Keg
(makes 10-12 drinks)

4 cups watermelon chunks, pureed
4 oz Alizé Red Passion, or any other fruit-flavored liqueur
8 oz gin
2 cups sour mix
Sparkling rosé
Lime slices, for garnish
Watermelon, to turn into a keg

Prepare your watermelon by cutting a lid from the top and scooping out the fruit (use 4 cups of the fruit later for your watermelon puree). Drill a small hole near the bottom of the melon, then use a knife to widen the hole until it’s just slightly smaller than the keg shank. Attach the shank and faucet and you’re ready to add your cocktail.

After pureeing 4 cups of watermelon chunks, strain. Stir in your fruit-flavored liqueur, gin and sour mix. Chill. Add sparkling rosé before serving. Garnish with lime slice and enjoy!

Thanks to the fantastic minds at The Food Network for inventing such a fun and different way to tap into your melon.



Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers! I am sure everyone had a wonderful day! I had to share one of my favorite pictures from my wedding with my wonderful mom! Happy Mother’s Day Mom! xoxo

Mothers Day!

Nick and I had a fantastic weekend with some great friends and family! I had a nice lunch downtown with a college friend who spoils my fur babies! I had to share some pics with the furs new plush toys from Chicago, very chic! Take a look at their website, you are sure to find some fur baby gifts!
pawsky chicago




max booze

I also did a great walk with some great friends for Caring for a Cure 5k/ Positive Project in Marshfield. Caring for a Cure was founded in 2011 by the nurses of the Hematology/Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant program at Massachusetts General Hospital. Our goal is to improve the journey of patients and families with cancer through research, resources and awareness. Through direct donations and fundraising events, together we have raised over twenty thousand dollars. Help us continue to make a difference for our patients and their families as we continue Caring for a Cure. If you would like to make a donation check out the website:



We had a wonderful time at Brahmin in the Back Bay Saturday to celebrate a friends 30th. Lots of fun!  We were barely able to get ourselves out of the house on Sunday to head to the beach in Duxbury. We even stopped at Steel and Rye in Milton to enjoy a cheeseburger omelet for Mother’s Day. Yes, you read that correctly. A cheeseburger omelet. Don’t worry I opted for something more manageable 🙂 They have great outdoor seating and a great brunch on Sundays. If you are in Milton stop on by!


stell and rye cheese burger


On our way home we even spotted this! LOL Furbaby on motorcycle…..OMG! You have to love Southie, you never know what you will see!

furbaby motorcycle



And thank you Charlie and Max and Mom and Dad for the Mother’s Day Flowers!! xoxo



furbaby flowers




flowers from mom and dad


Spring in the City

Yesterday, was finally a gorgeous day in Boston. I think the cold weather has left! It was the perfect day to find a nice spot in town to sip some cocktails and people watch. And I did just that! I have always loved Abe & Louis and if you haven’t been, now is the perfect time. They have great outdoor seating, a great menu with my favorite lump crab appetizer and Veuve Clicquot. A perfect late afternoon snack! We then wrapped up a wonderful day with ice creams for the fur babies at Castle Island in Southie. It doesn’t get better than this. Bring on summer!

abe and louis veuve








Abe and Louis crab





charlie ice cream

New England Home

I just picked up the May-June issue of New England Home. It’s one of my favorite magazines to get some great decorating ideas for both the interior and exterior of your condo or house. I especially love this room! The gold tree trunk table is an amazing piece that can be used in any type of sitting room or champagne room, like the one you are seeing here. The window treatments work perfectly in this room as well. The sunlight radiants throughout the room to give it a warm and spacious feel. I have always loved neutral colors, such as those used on the couch.  And the fur is my favorite! This room is unbelievable!



moms magaizne

Whipped and Bevies!

I hope everyone had a wild and crazy Cinco de Mayo! I took another route last night and got my butt to the Equinox and then off to bevies with the ladies after the gym. We went to a great and exhausting class at the Equinox called “Whipped” where we basically got whipped for an hour, and then headed to Granery Tavern right around the corner for some sangria and Patron on the rocks. Yes, they decided to put Roses lime juice in my drink…not what I wanted. I tend to be a very picky cocktail drinker 🙂 No thank you! We did have some wonderful snacks to eat! A great porcini and truffle oil flatbread, some fried chicken (why do I even go to the gym) and my favorite the cheese and hummus plate! Granary was busy and a great place for after work cocktails. I would definitely go back soon!

granary drinks

granary food