Whipped and Bevies!

I hope everyone had a wild and crazy Cinco de Mayo! I took another route last night and got my butt to the Equinox and then off to bevies with the ladies after the gym. We went to a great and exhausting class at the Equinox called “Whipped” where we basically got whipped for an hour, and then headed to Granery Tavern right around the corner for some sangria and Patron on the rocks. Yes, they decided to put Roses lime juice in my drink…not what I wanted. I tend to be a very picky cocktail drinker 🙂 No thank you! We did have some wonderful snacks to eat! A great porcini and truffle oil flatbread, some fried chicken (why do I even go to the gym) and my favorite the cheese and hummus plate! Granary was busy and a great place for after work cocktails. I would definitely go back soon!

granary drinks

granary food

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