Gone Missing!

I have been MIA for quite some time. Looking for a house, living on Nantucket and Boston, and having lots of fun with friends on the weekends has taken me away from blogging. Well, I am back and hopefully will have lots of fun things to share.

We just got back on Friday from Nantucket once again. If you are planning a trip over this year, revisit my blog. I think we have almost eaten at every restaurant. Not good on the waist line, but so yummy! So far our top three are Le Languedoc Inn and Bistro, Straight Wharf (dining room) and Cru, they have a great warm lobster roll and blue crab cocktail.

Le Languedoc, in my opinion had one of the best sautéed lobster and polenta dishes, as well as the best dessert. The Crunch sundae to die for! We also opted for the cheese soufflé. Delish!

It did end up pouring one of the days we were there. Not to worry, we made the best of our day and ended up trying Lola Burger. It was a good fast food kind of place! I would say its similar to Wahlburgers in Hingham, MA. Not as vast as a menu but very similiar. You can even spot some celebrities there as well. Drew Barrymore was enjoying one of Lola’s burgers as well.

As always, we hit up Surfside beach and the Childrens beach for an after dinner walk! Love the beach!


Happy Monday! Enjoy the week!



cheese souffle


crunch sundae


Lola burger


beach surfside








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