Kitchen Inspired

So, we are nearing mid July shortly and we are still “homeless” and actually enjoying it. I know, the summer is going to come to an end and then reality is going to settle in and I will realize that we really need to make some big decisions. I have in fact come to the realization of where we need to go, now its just finding a place that we both can agree on. Easier said then done! I think we have been in about 50 homes already, looked at plans and land to build and we still haven’t come to any conclusions.

As many of you know, I don’t cook but one of the most important places in our new home is the kitchen. The kitchen is where everyone congregates, eats, talks and cooks. I love kitchens and I have promised to start cooking if I can find a magnificent one! Here are some of my inspirations. We are even considering a gut job in some homes just to build something amazing! I really love detail on the ceiling similar to the the last picture, not of a kitchen but of a living room, created and designed by my mother. I can see that ceiling in an all white kitchen. I love it! Wish me luck! I know we will find something soon, I hope!

kithen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 3

lux kitchn 4




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