A Great Anniversary Day!

Well, we had quite the fun filled day in Nantucket! I got this gorgeous bracelet! Yes, Nick has great taste! I absolutely love it and I have been wearing it since I opened it at midnight. I know I am beyond obsessed!  We also headed to SurfSide Beach to enjoy a great beach day as well as a bike ride to the Cisco Brewery. I think I found my favorite summer vino at Cisco, Nantucket Vineyards Blueberry Pinot Gris. It was so refreshing and great for a summer cocktail on a hot island day. It’s a must try. Next time you are on Nantucket you must head to the Cisco Brewery; great beers, vino and Triple 8 cocktails. Cisco even has live music at 4:30 that is great! We like to get there right at 4:30 to get a seat and grab some snacks from the food truck and raw bar. Fresh shrimp for 147 Raw and fried calamari from the food truck with Thai sauce, to die for!!! If you are looking for a great summer vacation or wedding anniversary celebration book your boat now and head to Nantucket. More to come!

Michael kane

dog park beach

cisco food truck

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