What a great weekend!

Well, we are finally out of our condo in South Boston (tear). But, we are ready for  a new adventure ahead. And, I plan to never move again after five flights of stairs and a week of packing all of our things. Yes, most of it was clothes and shoes. I think its a sign I need to take a vacation from shopping! And, find our forever home!

Not only did we finish up moving this weekend, but we went to an absolutely fabulous wedding in the city. I absolutely love city weddings, probably because I got married in Boston as well!

The ceremony took place in the North End and the reception was at the Colonnade Hotel with a roof top cocktail hour that was really nice!

Nick and I and the pups got to stay at the Fairmont our first night! The fur babies loved their residence for the evening. I think they thought it was their new home! All the attention and plush furniture to sleep on, the furs were in heaven.

We really enjoyed the Oak Room on Friday night. Its a must go to. It was busting with a ton of people and the food and drinks were wonderful. I got some really great lobster rolls. Nick ended up ordering a Pot Roast on a summer evening? Strange, I know. His dinner was to die for. We definitely will go back to the Oak Room soon.

Wedding night we decided to stay at the Colonnade and that was another great hotel that I haven’t been to in years. They just redid the roof top pool. Nick spent most of his day at the pool while I looked for a dress! Here is a pic of my dress…I did fall in love with it!

It was a perfect and fun filled weekend with great friends!

Enjoy the day!



max fairmont



fairmont drinks




lobster rolls fairmont



potroast fairmont



groom colonnde



ted and sue colonnade



ward cake








One comment on “What a great weekend!

  1. perrisvibe says:

    That dress really is to die for, obsessed! Great choice!

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