Back to Nantucket

As most of you know, we will be house hopping this summer to make things real interesting and exciting. We have yet to decide on where our next home will be, in the city or in the SUBURBS! YIKES! So, with all these decisions we are spending some time on the Island to decide on our next adventure. I had to share one of our favorite lunch spots and beaches just incase you make the trip to Nantucket this summer. Jetties Beach is one of our favorite spots on the Island. We usually walk or bike to this beach to grab some lunch at the bar or to take a break from the day and get some sun. Depending on the day, sometimes if not always, we take a ride to Something Natural to grab some sandwiches. This place is one of the best on the island for great sandwiches and fresh breads. Amazing! We are slightly addicted! They have a great outdoor space with picnic benches to enjoy your lunch! And don’t forget to grab some cookies on your way out! Happy Monday! Enjoy the week!



Jetties Beach





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