Back to Boston

I’m back and barely alive from our week at the Kuna Compound. After a wild week away with friends and family in Nantucket, I am back and ready to get back to sharing some fun things with all of you. We went to some fantastic restaurants, had a few cocktails, and most importantly  had a lot of fun.  I also bought some fun things to share as well! But, I did want to start off Thursday with a great recipe for a light summer cocktail. This was our version of the Figawi Wowie:

Figawi Wowie

Wymans frozen blueberries

Minute Maid Light Lemonade

Fresh Mint

Club Soda

Blueberry Triple 8 Vodka


1. Muddle the mint to your desired amount

2. Fill a festive cup with four fingers of Blueberry Triple 8 vodka

3. 1/4 Bluberries

4. Add 1/4 lemonade

5. Top off with club soda to taste


You can add as much lemonade as you like. By the end of the week the sweetness was getting to us so we needed to add more club soda! It was a hit!

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