Enlightened! The Good for You Ice Cream!




This is it! I have found a healthy ice cream that only has 3 grams of sugar, 8 grams of protein and will not kill all the hours of sweating that I try to do each week at the gym 🙂 I was even able to taste every flavor and there isn’t one that I didn’t like. All of the ice cream has all natural ingredients! Stop by the grocery store to try this Good-For-You Ice Cream! I am stocking up on the my favorite flavor, coffee! Enjoy the day. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow!


What a Day! Congrats to all the runners!

Wow! What an awesome day it was yesterday for the marathon. It was so great to see Boston come together to support all the runners.  Nick finished after a grueling run, that was quite the challenge. He thought he was going to beat my Boston Marathon time! But, I still hold the record 🙂 We are all very proud of him. Nick was so lucky to have friends and family along the way waiting for him to pass and cheer him on. Thank you all for the support, Nick was thrilled to see you all! Boston is one of the greatest marathons with the best spectators that cheer their hearts out along the entire route. It’s truly an amazing and humbling experience. I know a few folks that were inspired by yesterday and now they have put the marathon on their bucket list to run next year. Here are some of my choices to start your training! And, a huge plus, they are all on sale! Click on the pic to start running with some of my favorite men’s and woman’s gear.Have a great day!



Nick running




Boston Strong!

I am sure everyone had a wonderful weekend! Christa, Nick and I got up early on Saturday to run the BAA 5k. It was really a great race that gave us all the chance to cross the Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street. I got goose bumps! It reminded me of the Boston Marathon back in 2007, when I crossed. Maybe, I should have done it one more time? Oh jeez! After the 5k we headed to a celebratory breakfast at Moo. It was a very posh breakfast in our sweaty clothes, but we didn’t care! We did have a great Easter weekend with great weather, family and fabulous food by chef Nick. I even found the time to make Easter cupcakes! I was even impressed with my work.  We are ready for the big day tomorrow. Nick is excited, nervous and looking forward to crossing the finish line for Team MR8 and also for completing the marathon as a personal goal he has been working towards over the past couple of months. Boston Strong!!! Thank you again for all those that donated! We got to our goal and Team MR8 has raised over 1 Million Dollars. See you at the Finish Line! xoxo



Easter cake



max boston strong






BAA 2014



mr8 sign

What’s for lunch!

Have you made your way down to the Innovation District in Boston for lunch? These are two new spots worth trying!
Sweetgreen which offers an array of organic soups, salads, and sandwiches! I got a delicious kale salad and custom made it! The goat cheese was amazing as well as the spicy carrot dressing! Swing on by, they have indoor seating as well.


Nick, loves this new spot. TR Street Food. They have an array of yummy sandwiches. This is the Veal Reuben…it was really good! We want to try the lamb meatball pita next time. Head on over!



The Boston Brix Chix are at it Again!





easter eggs

The Brix Chix are at it again! Stop in tomorrow night to try out some fabulous wine! It’s always a great time. And ,I promise you will be walking away with more than a few bottles. I will be there picking out some great Easter wines to enjoy on Sunday! Hope to see you there!


The Hunt for Your Perfect Easter Wines!

We’re celebrating the start of Easter weekend this Thursday night at BRIX Financial District from 5 to 7 pm. Hop on down as we uncork ten delicious wines perfect for your holiday table.

Come taste with BZ from United as he pours a spectacular lineup of spring sips, while Jenna Harlow from MS Walker uncorks a savvy selection of French finds.
Domaine Lafage Cote Est Blanc
Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin Vaillons 1er Cru Chablis
Dom. Daniel Rion Bourgogne Rouge
Vin de Viennes Crozes-Hermitage
Ch. Peuch-Haut Rosé
Grace Lane Riesling
Marc Bredif Vouvray
Whispering Angel Rosé
Carpe Diem Pinot Noir
Cultivar Cabernet Sauvignon


The BRIX Chix
BRIX Wine Shop
email: info@brixwineshop.com
phone: 617.542.BRIX
web: http://www.brixwineshop.com

Easter Cake!

I came across this recipe from Carrie Sellman of The Cake Blog ,and it looks adorable! We all know how long it takes to make a gorgeous cake, Carrie solves our problem with her recipe below. I had a hard time finding the edible Easter grass! But I found it!

I will post my masterpiece soon! Enjoy the day!




Chocolate Bunny Easter Cake
Makes one 8-inch cake

8-inch round cake with white frosting
3 to 4 packs of Edible Green Apple Easter Grass
Water (to sprinkle over grass)
Candied eggs or jelly beans (for decoration)
Chocolate bunny (for decoration)

1. Bake or purchase an eight-inch round cake with white buttercream frosting.

2. Unroll one package of edible grass and cut into one- to two-inch pieces using clean kitchen scissors.

3. Spread grass clippings out onto a tray and, very sparingly, sprinkle a few drops (about one teaspoon) of water over the top. Do not allow grass to get too wet or it will start to disintegrate.

4. Using your hands, mix up the grass to spread the water; the blades will start to clump together. (If the grass dries out and stops sticking together, add a little more water.)

5. Pull off a tiny clump of grass and stick it to the side of the cake, gently pushing it into the frosting. Repeat with another small clump of grass, sticking it very close to the last clump.

6. Repeat with additional clumps and additional packages of grass until the entire cake is covered. Fill in bare spots with a tiny clumps or single blades.

7. Place chocolate bunny on top of the cake and surround it with eggs. Allow grass to harden before serving. If you are planning to refrigerate the cake, remove it 30 minutes before serving to allow it to come to room temperature.




Waterside Shops, Naples Florida!

Oh yes, this is one of my go to shopping spots while in Naples! If I can’t find it in Boston I always call the Waterside shops, they usually have it. These shops are located outdoors and offer a variety of high end stores that you will find more than few things to put on your wish list! Here are a few of my wish list items!

Dot Candy Louboutin’s I must get these!!!! They have them at Saks Naples and Bergdorfs in NYC as well!


Louboutins candy


Louis Vuitton Limited Edition I LOVE THIS BAG!! Unfortunately, my birthday has come and gone! I can only wish!

Limited edition Louis Vuitton


I will take this one to! Very classy leather bag, with velour LV’s.


LM Louis Vuitton



Pottery Barn had some cute beach themed items. I love the nautical theme! These would be great for a Nantucket house!

pottery barn nantucket