Bostonia Public House

Bostonia Public House

I am packed and on my way to Nantucket, but I had to share my fun night! Last night the ladies and I went for dinner and drinks to the new Bostonia Public House. What a great place for after work drinks and dinner. Bostonia has a great menu with lots of plates to try all different things as well as a great entree menu. Don’t miss the wine tastings as well. You can try all kinds of wines while enjoying a delicious cheese plate! Yummy! Great live music Thursday thru Saturday. We were lucky to have live music last night because they were doing a live taping of the new place. It’s a must try for lunch or dinner. Here is the only pic I was able to snap of our snacks: pickle jar, cheese plate and my favorite polenta fries with parmesan cheese! I also brought home some sweet potato donuts for a late night dessert.


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