What a Day! Congrats to all the runners!

Wow! What an awesome day it was yesterday for the marathon. It was so great to see Boston come together to support all the runners.  Nick finished after a grueling run, that was quite the challenge. He thought he was going to beat my Boston Marathon time! But, I still hold the record 🙂 We are all very proud of him. Nick was so lucky to have friends and family along the way waiting for him to pass and cheer him on. Thank you all for the support, Nick was thrilled to see you all! Boston is one of the greatest marathons with the best spectators that cheer their hearts out along the entire route. It’s truly an amazing and humbling experience. I know a few folks that were inspired by yesterday and now they have put the marathon on their bucket list to run next year. Here are some of my choices to start your training! And, a huge plus, they are all on sale! Click on the pic to start running with some of my favorite men’s and woman’s gear.Have a great day!



Nick running




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