Pastoral One of Boston’s new spots!!!

I am always excited about new restaurants in Boston. Living in the city, we find ourselves eating out quite frequently! When, Pastoral opened this past Friday I had my reservation and was ready to go. The place was packed! They have family style seating at the front by the open kitchen, as well as a large dining area and finally a great bar with a few T. V’s to watch the March Madness games. This is a great place for everyone. The Rustic menu, Neapolitan-pizza (Gluten-free) and homemade desserts were delish! Nick and I left very full and here are a few things that we sampled! Along with a quick snap shot below of the front of the restaurant.


This Garlic Knot was filled with tons of Garlic, Fennel Sausage and Ricotta…Yum bring your breath mints!

pastoral 2

This was a yummy Neapolitan pizza with fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes and chicken meatballs. We had to try the ricotta filled dumplings with pistachios, and mortadella butter. This pasta was amazing!
pastoral 4

And of course we needed warm cookies with homemade ricotta and chocolate chip gelato!

pastoral 5

Wood-fired knots
Roast garlic/extra virgin olive oil
Mixed olives/anchovy
Fennel sausage/ricotta

Chicken meatballs/pepper conserve/goat cheese
Albacore crudo/grapefruit/white mushroom/bonito
Pork chicharone & chorizo kabob/wood-roasted apple
Calamari/dried chili/green olives
Stuffed fried olives/Italian crumbs
Oven-roasted chicken wing/roasted garlic/lemon

Prosciutto/fresh mozzarella/walnut pesto/crostini
Mantis shrimp a la plancha/anchovy butter
Butter lettuce & escarole caesar/white anchovy
Pastoral salad/8 vegetables/garlic milk dressing
Arugula/frisse/fennel/egg/smoked pancetta/evoo

Amargnac chicken/shallots/prunes/wild rice cake
Hanger steak/ash roasted leeks & potatoes/goat milk butter
Shellfish pot/mussels/clams/lobster
Roasted acadian redfish/parsley root/garlic & lemon
Kurobuta pork collar/kale & onion/salsa verda
Salmon/tomato-mussel sofrito/sausage/artichoke chips
Veal & pork pojarski/mushroom crema/brussels sprouts
Oxtail & toulouse sausage/puy lentils/onion “gravy”

Wood-roasted potatoes/garlic/potato rosemary mayo
Cauliflower/anchovy/green olive crumbs
Roasted big beet/feta/black sambuca/mint
Wood-roasted kale/jalapeno/garlic
Mashed brussels sprout/grana/olive oil
Artichokes/”alla guidina”/mint/orange

Pomodoro/tomato/garlic/oregano/chile & olive oil
Peperoni/fresh mozzarella/tomato
Cured anchovy/smoked mozzarella/roasted red pepper/tomato
Blanco/buffalo mozzarella/fromage blanc/fennel sausage
Mozzarella/jalapeno/arugula/lemon & bonito
Prosciutto/green olive/buffalo mozzarella
Caramelized onion/gruyere/fromage blanc/bacon puree
Calamari/sun-gold tomato/lily’s pepper confit/arugula
Forest & field mushrooms/garlic/ricotta/truffle
Lobster/shallot/mascarpone/hint of garlic
Spicy sausage/fontina/ricotta/rabe leaves

Ricotta dumplings/pistachio/mortadella butter
Radiatore pasta/tomato & milk-braised veal breast/foir di latte
Mushroom & walnut plins/escarole/amaretto
Chitarra pasta carbonara/prosciutto/lobster
Mezz rigatoni/sauce bolognese/foir di latte

Pastoral, 345 Congress St., Boston

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