What every Man needs by age 35….

Those that know me well, know I like a man to be dressed pretty well, most of the time. Fortunately, I met someone who can do both. Dress well and also dress extremely comfortable when he feels like it. And Nick rather dress in sweats most of the day!

A few things that I personally notice in regards to fashion on men is the shoes, and the belt. Yes, I know this doesn’t matter to the majority of the world, but in Danielle’s world I take notice. I think its important and also professional to be seen clean, cut and also dressed to impress.

Here are some of my choices that I really like and that Nick wears quite often when he needs to clean up and head out into the world. Just click on the pics and they can be yours. These are things that you will have for a long time! So, making the investment is well worth it.


If you are looking for more casual wear I really like men in jeans that fit correctly as well as a nice button down. These Lucky jeans are super comfortable I am told. Most of the jeans for men are very tight and straight these days. These Lucky’s are more of a relaxed fit. I also like a nice flannel shirt thats bright to wear in the cold Boston months and in the freezing March we are having. Click on pic!

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