Marc Hall Objekt A Hidden Boston Gem in SOWA




marc hall 2

marc hall 3

Marc Hall

Marc Hall Objekt A Hidden Boston Gem in SOWA

This place is fantastic! If you are in Boston, please make your way over to Marc Hall Objekt. Even if you don’t buy anything, you will be amazed at all the beautiful pieces he has designed. I went on two shopping trips in one week! I bought two of those fantastic large glass candle sticks for our dining room. They are very grand and look great with Luminara candles in them. We also picked up a new stone pot, shown above,  for some greenery that desperately needed to be added to our condo.  I really wanted the ram head, at least I think it was a ram head. I thought it was very chic and cool, but I have to keep reminding myself we live in a condo in the city….NO ROOM, too much stuff!

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