Nike+ Fuel Band

Nike + Fuelband Medium/Large C” nike

I am excited and at the same time dreading this new electronic gym band! So, I decided to try out the new Nike + Fuel band to track how many steps, calories and hours I am active. Yesterday was my first day using the band and I must admit, ITS a WAKE up call! It was quite apparent that yes I get three hours of activity and yes I completed my 10,000 steps, but my goodness I am not burning as many calories as I thought I was! WOW, its hard work! Now, I fully understand how weight catches up with you over the years…we must keep moving and get our steps in! Yikes! So I am in day two with the Nike + Fuel band-I hope today is better. I better start moving now! Click on link for Nike +! Have a great day!

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